Trail begins: Slovanská 1259/82

First object: C13–1259

Antonín Mašek, 1931

Public transport: Liliová (TRAM 1)

GPS: 49.7331883N, 13.3916333E

Before 1910, the Building Cooperative of Workers’ and Family Houses for Pilsen and Its Surroundings chose the central part of the yet unbuilt area to build a colony of modest single-family and apartment houses. The V Podhájí garden district, later called Na Slovanech, spread around the premises of the small waterworks and was established on a hill between Motýlí, Liliová, Květná and Zahradní streets at the beginning of the last century to supply the nearby Piette paper mill. At almost the same time, the second focal point of local construction activities were the irregular rows of houses in the Malá Strana locality in the Doudlevce neighbourhood, which were embedded in a steep slope along what is now Malostranská Street.

The content of the trail passing through the entire territory down Slovanská Avenue (former state road to Nepomuk, Písek and České Budějovice) is not very typologically diverse – this is due to the character of the development, which remained unchanged even between the world wars. In addition to several apartment buildings, it consists of detached single-family houses, semi-detached houses and other smaller residential buildings. Among them, some of the cooperative houses, which are examples of the very first modern realizations in Pilsen, stand out.