Brewery, Štrunc Park and Surrounds

Trail begins: U Prazdroje 64, 74 / 1, 3

First object: C9–64 Villa of the managing director and master brewer of the Burghers Brewery in Pilsen

František Němec, Hanuš Zápal, 1931

Public transport: Prazdroj (BUS 28, TROL 13)

GPS: 49.7466201, 13.3861005

The route of the shortest of the existing paths introduces those interested to the traces of modern architecture in two “complementary” areas which are an integral part of Pilsen, its past and present – the brewery premises and the Štrunc Park. The parks along the left bank of the Radbuza River have been a locality of recreation and sport since the late 19th century, as confirmed a quarter century later by the realisation of the no-longer existing Sokol sports movement pavilion for pupils and youth next to the prime Neo-Renaissance Sokol gymnasium. The modern ethos is still evident in selected residential, administration and production buildings inside and outside the Brewery premises spreading between the right river bank, the busy street U Prazdroje, the Pilsen-Prague railway line and the municipal heating plant premises. Besides the existing nine objects, this path also includes four no longer existing houses which lined the nearby Nádražní Avenue, once the most important connecting line between the city centre and the railway station.