Lochotín and Roudná Districts

Trail begins: Karlovarská 563, 450 / 83, 81

First object: C8–563 Foreigners House of the Joint Stock Company, formerly the Škoda Works in Pilsen

Jaroslav Fišer, Julius Kopp, 1931

Public transport: Boženy Němcové (TRAM 4)

Nemocnice Privamed (BUS 27)

GPS: 49.7655113, 13.3634412

The fundamental axis of this path crossing the area of the former Saské, today Severní Předměstí / North Suburb is Karlovarská třída / Karlovarská Avenue. A representative villa neighbourhood arose along this street from the late 19th century, away from the busy city centre and industrial precincts. In the favourable environment near Lochotín Park with its spa area important public buildings were realised as well – the Higher Business School, Jubilee County Children’s Home or Foreigners’ House of the Škoda Works. Less distinct was the mark of modern architecture in the Pod Záhorskem and Roudná areas. In this peculiar part of the city with roots reaching back to the times before the foundation of Pilsen, interwar family and apartment houses became just one of the many layers of preserved valuable buildings.