Bory District

Trail begins: U Borského parku 1213/3

First object: C6–1213 Youth Home in Pilsen

Rudolf Kosnar, 1950

Public transport: Borský park (TRAM 4)

Borský park (BUS 23, 30, 32)

GPS: 49.7259218, 13.3669763

In the first half of the 20th century, the urbanistic qualities of this not particularly large area defined from three sides by Klatovská třída / Klatovská  Avenue, náměstí Míru / Peace Square and Borský park / Bory Park were used for the development of housing complexes by the then Škoda Works, but also by a number of construction companies and minor builders. The residential character of the neighbourhood with its prevailingly terraced houses was not disturbed by realisations of several important school, social and hospital buildings. The path bearing the name of the historical village of Bory will take you also to the industrial object of a former dairy, the hall of the famous Tivoli restaurant and along the premises of the former artillery barracks to the very edge of Pilsen at the residential building of the Bory Prison.