Doudlevce Area

Trail begins: Presslova 395/14

First object: C5–395D Central Maintenance Workshops of the City of Pilsen Electrical Company

Stanislav Smola, Emil Ondráček, 1934

Public transport: U Radbuzy (TROL 10, 13, 14)

GPS: 49.7377631N, 13.3818492E

The shortest of the architecture paths presents the Doudlevce neighbourhood – an area surrounded by the arc of the Pilsen–Klatovy railway and a meander of the Radbuza River which has preserved a great deal of its original character until today. The symbol of the industrial, and in places still somewhat peripheral, genius loci of the area is the premises of the former Pilsen City Transportation depot, which in 2015 became one of the hotspots of ECoC programme activities as the DEPO2015 Creative Zone. Besides the depot premises, the route encompasses several more technical and public buildings, early modern cooperative development and selected apartment houses.