Bezovka Residential Area

Trail begins: Klatovská třída 721/110

First object: C3–721 Garden apartment house of Jana and Oskar Semler with a built-in maisonette flat

Adolf Loos, Jindřich / Heinrich / Henry Kulka, 1924

Public transport: Dobrovského (TRAM 4)

Dobrovského (BUS 22, TROL 16)

GPS: 49.7332279, 13.3696424

The residential district Bezovka, taking shape from the late 19th century west of Klatovská Avenue, is a valuable urbanism set close to the concept of garden cities. In the gradually realised area, the extent of which only partly met the ambitious interwar visions, both individual buildings from the late 19th and the first decades of the 20th century as well as apartment building developments from the period after WWII are represented. A major contribution to the mixed character of the present-day conservation area was the intense activity of the First Republic building cooperatives. The well preserved charm of the neighbourhood with its radially set up street network, the foci of which are the public spaces known as the Big Star and Small Star, is amplified by the cultivated arrangement of the public space, including the greenery.