C0: Adolf Loos

A backbone path, whose central part cuts through the city along Klatovská třída / Klatovská Avenue, introduces the twelve Pilsen realisations by Adolf Loos and his collaborators.


C1: Old and New Centre

The path leading through the medieval heart of the city and part of its greater centre offers visitors an insight into how modern architecture was entering the prominent historical environment as well as how it helped form the character of the newer areas. 


C2: New Centre – Production and Residential District

The path leading through the area in the north-west part of the former Říšské Předměstí / Imperial Suburb offers colourful content in both typology and architecture.


C3: Southern Suburb

The path winding through the Southern Suburb tells the story of a new city area which was formed in the first half of the 20th century around Klatovská třída / Klatovská Avenue south of the Pilsen–Cheb rail line.


C4: Bezovka Residential Area

The residential district Bezovka, taking shape from the late 19th century west of Klatovská Avenue, is a valuable urbanism set close to the concept of garden cities.


C5: Doudlevce Area

The shortest of the architecture paths presents the Doudlevce neighbourhood – an area surrounded by the arc of the Pilsen–Klatovy railway and a meander of the Radbuza River which has preserved a great deal of its original character until today.


C6: Bory District

In the first half of the 20th century, the urbanistic qualities of this not particularly large area defined from three sides by Klatovská třída / Klatovská  Avenue, náměstí Míru / Peace Square and Borský park / Bory Park were used for the development of housing complexes by the then Škoda Works, but also by a number of construction companies and minor builders.


C7: Doudlevce District

The path going through the non-existing village Doudlevce between the railway line and the Radbuza River is typologically twofold – a dozen of industrial objects is complemented by smaller residential buildings.


C8: Lochotín and Roudná Districts

The only non-circuit trail connects two different parts of the city – calm environment in the vicinity of the Lochotín Park with an array of outstanding modernist buildings and the area of Roudná where the historical urban structure was just supplemented by interwar houses.


C9: Brewery, Štrunc Park and Surrounds

Going along both of the banks of the Radbuza River the route of the shortest of the existing trails introduces modern architecture linked to two attributes that have been characteristic for Pilsen so far – beer and sports.