Avalon Courtyard

(Plzeň) Plzeň Jižní Předměstí
GPS: 49.746287N, 13.368353E

Most of the development of the housing block between Husova, Poděbradova, U Tržiště and Kovářská Streets is made up of the administrative complex of the Avalon Business Center. It was established in the years 2005–2007 through the reconstruction and extension of production facilities near Poděbradova Street following the design of Jaroslav Dokoupil and Petr Dvořák. The courtyard, serving the function of being a quiet public space within a classical block development, arose from opening up an originally walled-up yard onto U Tržiště Street. On the opposite side the space is concluded by a narrow, semi-transparent part of the building with fully glazed facades allowing a view into the atrium. The paved area is complemented by greenery and light street furniture, and is dominated by a black curve winding between the main entrance and the square fountain by the wide staircase, which is also the edge of U Tržistě Street. The courtyard, designated for pedestrians only, is also enlivened by the commercial activities on the ground floor.



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