Apartment house of Eliška and Václav Krška

Lukavická 2284/14 (Plzeň) Plzeň Jižní Předměstí
Public transport: Zimní stadion (TROL 10, 13, 14)
Chodské náměstí (TRAM 4)
GPS: 49.7392750N, 13.3755394E

The two-storey house no. 14 Lukavická street, realised in the late thirties according to the plans of the local architect and builder Josef Sedlák, is part of the Modernist development of the north-western corner of the Doudlevce district. The facade of the building is decorated with bright ceramic tiles from narrow strips typical of the period and the Pilsen region, rich in kaolinite. The aesthetic effect of the facade is supported by consistent application of symmetry, which governs the centrally located entrance and avant-corps whose upper parts constitute a bulky bay in the gable roof. The smoothly plastered surface of the avant-corps is only articulated by three-part wooden windows with ceramic tile ledges, jambs and lintels.

Nowadays, the original character of the house is weakened by unoriginal doors and windows, including garage doors. The symmetrical facade concept is disturbed by a smaller modern day skylight in the southern part of the building.



Václav and Eliška Kršek


  • Archiv Odboru stavebně správního, Technický úřad Magistrátu města Plzně