Otakar Prokop’s apartment house

Na Hvězdě 2237/8 (Plzeň) Plzeň Jižní Předměstí
Public transport: Dobrovského (TRAM 4)
Dobrovského (BUS 22, TROL 16)
GPS: 49.7346042N, 13.3650378E

The traditionalist character of the villa neighbourhood Bezovka started to change over the course of the 1930s, thanks to several newly constructed Functionalist houses and villas. Their austere, "boxy" shapes and purist facades, free of all decor, contrast with the older surrounding buildings, which are characterised by a decorative approach and the use of pitched roofs, enhancing their picturesque silhouette.

A fine specimen of progressive forms of architecture in this neighbourhood from the late 1930s is the two-storey villa at Na Hvězdě 8, suitably complementing the neighbouring house of Emil Wollner designed by Gustav Paul in 1932 (C4–2022). Its elementary geometric shape, finished with a slightly protruding flat roof, is enlivened by shallow avant-corps and the second floor retracting out into the garden in favour of a narrow terrace. Fitting the segmented windows almost on the surface of the facade promotes an impression of the wall’s fragility, which is further enhanced by the artistically successful motif of large corner windows. This Modernist element was applied in the residential part of the basement as well, offset in the facade layout by the solid surface of the side facade with the small windows of the service rooms. The abstract composition of the facades is complemented by the vertical of a narrow strip of glazing on the other side facade, illuminating the staircase tract.

Similar to the surrounding building, villa no. 8 on Na Hvězdě Street is in very good, well-maintained condition.


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