Apartment building of Žofie and Josef Šplíchal and Milan Wopršálek

U Trati 2073/59 (Plzeň) Plzeň Jižní Předměstí
Public transport: Belánka (TROL 10)
Chodské náměstí (TRAM 4)
GPS: 49.7397069N, 13.3717475E

The first new building in the district called Na Belánce, the Matoušeks’ corner house No. 35 (C3–2081), was followed in 1935 by the three-storey apartment house No. 59 on Bavorská Street (today U Trati) that was evidently linked formally to the existing building. The project was initiated by the husband and wife Josef Šplíchal and Žofie Šplíchalová and the Pilsen lawyer Milan Wopršálek.

The author of the plans for the house (whose identity unfortunately has not been determined) rhythmically repeated the pattern of the central slightly elevated projecting section, the height, weight and window distribution of which corresponds closely to the aforementioned corner house. The smooth "Brizolit" rendering of the facade is complemented in the parterre and the spaces between the windows on the projection with striking azure ceramic tiling, a typical ornamental feature for Na Belánce. Another fine detail consists of the rounded edges of the entranceway.

The interior layout of the flats indicates that the house was intended more for the middle classes, because they contain maids’ rooms. On each floor were two mirror reversed flats with three rooms each, kitchen and bathroom and a veranda situated on the rear side of the house. The rear section also held an economical stairwell. Situated in the right-hand part of the ground floor was one smaller two-room flat and one shop.

Up to the present day the building has not undergone any extensive construction interventions that would disturb its architectural style. When the windows were replaced, their original arrangement was respected. Appreciation of the qualities of the sober building is encumbered, however, by a prominent advertising billboard on the main facade and the crumbling render of the projection.




Josef Šplíchal, his wife Žofie and Milan Wopršálek (lawyer)


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