The living room in Olga and Hugo Naschauer’s apartment

Husova 1518/20 (Plzeň) Plzeň Jižní Předměstí
Public transport: Divadlo J. K. Tyla (BUS 28, 41, 56)
GPS: 49.7456287N, 13.3695083E

In 1925, the newlyweds Olga and Hugo Naschauer moved into a house dating from 1912, the Neo-Baroque facade of which had been designed by the architect Adolf Hrussa. The wealthy Hugo managed the family’s large glass and timber business in the town of Stříbro to the west of Pilsen, which had a number of subsidiaries in West Bohemia. The couple’s high social status demanded appropriate representation, and so in 1931-1932 the Naschauers had a new living room designed by Adolf Loos. The room was furnished with brown stained-oak furniture, a comfortable U-shaped sofa and four coloured Egyptian stools.

In 1938, Olga and Hugo Naschauer moved into Bohdan Pantoflíček’s new commercial and apartment building at No. 4 in the avenue today called Sady Pětatřicátníků (C1–324). They also moved the furnishings of their living room, which they adapted to the new space with the help of Norbert Krieger. In 1939, however, the Naschauers emigrated to Great Britain, where they remained for the duration of WWII. On their return to their homeland they attempted to re-establish the family business, but soon thereafter the communist regime put an end to their plans. Their living room did not survive the historical events of the last century either. 



Olga and Hugo Naschauer


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