Richard Krofta’s family house

Purkyňova 1972/20 (Plzeň) Plzeň Jižní Předměstí
Public transport: Mrakodrap (BUS 20, 27, 34, 35, 57, TROL 11, 12, 15, 16, 17, 19)
Prokopova (TROL 10, 13, 14)
GPS: 49.7412124N, 13.3766591E

The monumental character of the city block bordered by the streets Škroupova, Purkyňova, Resslova and Jagellonská had been shaped since the 19th century by the grand buildings of public institutions – the Directorate of State Railways, the German Realgymnasium secondary school and the German Girls’ Lyceum. In the first half of the 20th century, the new development here was limited to two adjacent buildings of different types in Purkyňova Street: the massive State Railways administrative building No. 22 dating from 1948–1952 (C1–1017) and the small three-storey family house of the engineer Richard Krofta at No. 20.

Krofta’s house, built in 1931 by the then sought-after builder Josef Špalek Sr., does not particularly stand out in the context of interwar architecture and ranks among many other formally undistinguished buildings in Pilsen. In terms of the layout of the flats, however, the house was quite above standard at the time of its creation, i.e. during the nationwide housing crisis. On the ground floor and the first floor were four-room flats with the living spaces facing the street, while the kitchens, servants’ and housekeeping area faced the inner courtyard. The large scale of the flats was also distinguished by an entrance lobby and bathroom. The second floor. which was reduced in ground plan due to a large terrace, contained a guest room with a bathroom and the building’s laundry-drying room. The basement contained technical facilities as well as a janitor's flat.




Richard Krofta and Co.


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