Bořivoj Kriegerbeck

Date of birth: 10. 5. 1901 Plzeň

Death date: 18. 4. 1975 Plzeň


Bořivoj Kriegerbeck was born to Marie and Daniel Kriegerbeck in Pilsen in 1891. In 1911-1912 he completed his studies at the Master School of Civil Engineering at the Pilsen Technical School and since 1918 was an employee of the Müller & Kapsa company. It was thanks to his work for this successful construction company, which implemented several designs by Adolf Loos in Pilsen, that he received the opportunity to work with the famous architect and his students and colleagues Norbert Krieger, Heinrich Kulka and, to a limited extent, Karel Lhota. After 1928, he often redrew Loos’ sketches and was involved in two realizations – moving the social zone of the Becks’ apartment to František Müller’s house and modifying two rooms in Leo Brummel’s apartment.

In 1930-1931, on the basis of Loos’ instructions that the architect was giving him during their meetings in Prague, he was developing a project of a typical family house as an economical wooden building. According to his own notes, he also collaborated with Loos on other designs for houses and country houses in the years before his death (1933). In addition to numerous notes, he also made an inventory of Loos’ Pilsen work and apparently provided documentation and information about it to art historian Věra Běhalová, who in the late 1960s made a significant contribution to the heritage protection of most of Loos’ local realizations. He also corresponded with the historian of art and architecture Zdeněk Kudělka, who repeatedly conducted research of Loos’ work in the 1970s and 1980s. Bořivoj Kriegerbeck died in Pilsen in 1975.