Norbert Krieger

Date of birth: 19. 10. 1901 Biała (Polsko)

Death date: 1982 Jeruzalém (Izrael)


 Norbert Krieger, known in particular as a student of and collaborator with the famous Adolf Loos, was born in Biale, Poland on the 19th of October 1901. He spent most of his childhood, however, with his family in Vienna, where his father was a merchant, and where the young Norbert attended lectures and seminars by Adolf Loos at the progressive Schwarzwald-Schule. With the exception of a short stay in Brno, Krieger spent all of the 1920s in Vienna, working mainly as an interior designer.

Norbert Krieger came to Pilsen in October 1930, apparently at Loos’s invitation. In spite of many complications he had to face due to his foreign citizenship, he worked as an assistant at the cabinet-making workshop of Jan Mráček, who cooperated with Loos on realisations of his interior designs. He took part in furnishing the ladies (music) parlour in the apartment of Hugo and Helena Semler (C1–289), and the dentist’s surgery of Samuel Teichner in the Weiner apartment building with shops on Republic Square (C1–136), as well as in adapting the apartments of the Kraus (C2–1107) and Naschauer families (C2–1518). In the years 1932–1933, Krieger adapted the interiors of house No. 3 on Husova Street for the needs of the Jewish club I.O.B.B., whose members (Alois Wotitzky and Bedřich Kafka) approached Krieger later for renovations of their private family residences as well.


Selection of other works

c. 1930–1933
Sanatorium in Karlovy Vary
Furnishing of the Merkur house in Mariánské Lázně
The Klein family country house in Mariánské Lázně

Adaptation of the house of the I.O.B.B. Club, Husova St. 3, Pilsen

Adaptation of the apartment of Alois Wotitzky, Škodova St. (Kardinála Berana nowadays) 20, Pilsen

Before 1934
Reconstruction of the apartment of Bedřich Kafka, Koperníkova St. 34, Pilsen

c. 1934
Reconstruction of the apartment of Maxe Adler, Sedláčkova St. 26, Pilsen

before 1937
Reconstruction of the apartment of the factory owner Weisbarth in Šumperk
Reconstruction of the apartment of V. Bergmann in Prague–Karlín