Complex of four terraced houses of the Trade-Civic Building and Housing Cooperative for Pilsen and Surrounds

Hruškova 1638, 1639, 1640, 1641 / 16, 18, 20, 22 (Plzeň) Plzeň Jižní Předměstí
GPS: 49.7334914, 13.3672767

Among the objects constructed in the residential neighbourhood of Bezovka in the 1920s by the Trade-Civic Building and Housing Cooperative, it is the fourplex on Hruškova Street, realised in the years 1922–1923 and flanked by similar semi-detached houses on both sides, that appears the most integral. Although the fourplex, whose early modern morphology much like that of both the semi-detached houses cannot deny the influence of Cubism and of the National style, gives an impression of an economical housing solution from the outside, the interior layout is surprisingly generous. The interior of the houses is dominated by a spacious staircase hall, complemented by a nook with U-shaped seating furniture in the extremities of the fourplex. On the ground floor, there are two rooms facing the street and a kitchen with pantry and bathroom facing the garden. On the first floor, accessible via a three-flight staircase, another two residential rooms, a bathroom and house maid’s room were designed. The basement housed cellars, laundries and food storage rooms.

Even during the First Republic, minor alterations to some parts of the terraced house were made. In 1926, the basement of house no. 20 was adapted to a shop and house no. 22 was extended by a veranda with a single-pitch roof, which also created a roofed entrance to the house.

As each part of the house is owned by a different private owner, repairs are carried out individually, which has had a negative effect on the originally uniform appearance of the house. This problem is most obvious with the fine Brizolit plasters, which are often replaced by conventional, non-ingrained plasters with a painted facade.


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